Reviving Lives: Drug Overdose Recovery

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Lamont Meyers Foundation aims to prevent and treat fatal drug overdoses in the community. With your help we can make a difference, save lives, and offer support to those who need it most. Let's unite, creating a brighter future and instilling hope. Reach out to us today and become the change our community urgently requires.

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Inspiring Hope and Resilience

Hope and resilience are essential qualities in the face of adversity. Our foundation strives to instill these qualities in our community members. We offer support and encouragement, helping individuals face challenges with strength, determination, and the belief that a brighter future is possible.

Promoting Aspirations and Potential

Our central mission revolves around empowering people of all ages by offering steadfast support to help them fulfill their potential. Through nurturing the aspirations of our community, we are dedicated to building a pleasant tomorrow for everyone.

Nurturing Mental and Emotional Well-being

The mental and emotional well-being of our community is invaluable. Our foundation nurtures these aspects by promoting mental health awareness and offering essential resources to those in need of support. We firmly believe that a healthy mind and heart are the cornerstones of a thriving community.

Cultivating a Culture of Care

We actively work to create an environment where every individual feels a strong sense of care and concern from others. No one should face their struggles alone. We aim to provide a helping hand to every individual during times of need.

What We Do & Offer

Strengthen: Helping Youth And All Ages In The War Against Drugs

At our core, we're dedicated to empowering youth and individuals of all age groups against the devastating impact of drug abuse. Our comprehensive drug prevention programs are designed to provide knowledge, skills, and resources that strengthen our community's resolve against this pressing issue. Here's how we do it:

  • Empowering Youth and all ages, Against Drugs: Our focus is on educating and equipping the youth with the tools to resist drug abuse.
  • Lifesaving Drug Prevention Kit: We offer 2nd Chance Kits, which are drug prevention kits that include essential resources like Narcan, gloves and fentanyl test strips. Currently, we are unable to extend this life-saving resource to the youth in our community. We are tirelessly working to change that.
  • Collaborative Approach: We actively collaborate with community organizations, schools, and advocates to create a united front against drug abuse.
  • Fatal Drug Overdose Prevention: Our commitment extends to addressing the critical issue of fatal drug overdose prevention.

We Collaborate: Uniting for Effective Drug Prevention

Effective drug prevention is a collaborative effort. We understand that a safer community is built through shared responsibility. Our partnerships with various stakeholders, community organizations, and dedicated advocates create a strong foundation to combat drug abuse. Here's what collaboration means to us:

  • Community Involvement: We actively collaborate with schools, public buildings, entertainment venues, and various community stakeholders to build a safer environment.
  • Empowering Youth: We work closely with educators, mentors, and activists to equip the youth with the knowledge and skills needed to resist drug abuse.
  • Collaborative Initiatives: Our joint efforts are not limited to education; we also address the critical issue of fatal drug overdose prevention.

We Provide Harm Reduction Support: Ensuring a Safer Environment

Our commitment to drug prevention goes beyond education. We provide vital harm reduction support to individuals seeking recovery from drug overdose. Our goal is to create a safer environment by ensuring that Narcan and other resources are readily available in case of emergencies. Here's what our harm reduction support entails:

  • Narcan Availability: We ensure that Narcan is readily available for overdose prevention and recovery, serving as a lifeline in emergencies.
  • Supporting All Age Groups: Our harm reduction resources are accessible to individuals of all age groups, from adolescents to adults.
  • Drug Addiction Help: We offer a lifeline to those seeking help in their journey toward drug addiction recovery, underlining our commitment to creating a safer community for all.

Lamont Meyers Foundation offers a range of services, including drug prevention programs, drug recovery treatment, Narcan kits, drug awareness services, and more, in Sacramento, and surrounding areas.