Strengthening Communities with Youth-Centered Drug Abuse Awareness | Lamont Meyers Foundation

We are an organization committed to safeguarding the well-being of our youth and individuals of all ages by addressing the pressing issue of drug overdose and usage. The power of prevention, through education and preventive measures, is crucial in empowering individuals to make informed choices and understand the risks associated with drug use. Join us to create a better quality of life by promoting education, drug abuse, and overdose prevention, and advocating healthier lifestyle alternatives.

Our Purpose:

Our purpose is to help stop and prevent fatal drug overdoses in our communities by ensuring that Narcan is readily available and accessible. We aim to raise awareness about the increasing prevalence of fentanyl overdoses, driven by the statistic that 4 in 5 deaths in the US by 2022 will be caused by such overdoses. Inspired by the tragic loss of our son Lamont Meyers to an accidental fentanyl overdose, our mission is to raise funds to purchase and distribute 19,000 Narcan kits, prioritizing the safety and well-being of our youth, families, and communities.

What is Narcan?

Narcan is a brand name for a medication called naloxone. Naloxone is an opioid receptor antagonist, which means it can reverse the effects of opioid drugs. It is primarily used as an emergency treatment for opioid overdoses. When administered, naloxone can quickly block or reverse the life-threatening effects of opioids, such as slowed breathing and loss of consciousness. It's an essential tool in saving lives during opioid overdose situations. Naloxone can be administered as a nasal spray or an injection, and it works by displacing opioids from their receptors in the brain, temporarily restoring normal breathing and consciousness.

Mission accidental poisoning

We aim to preserve the memory of Lamont Meyers, who tragically lost his life to fentanyl poisoning in February 2020. Our primary mission revolves around raising funds to acquire and distribute 19,000 Narcan kits. This number symbolizes Lamont's untimely passing, which occurred on his 19th birthday. By ensuring the widespread availability of Narcan, we look forward to protect our youth, families, and communities from the devastating consequences of drug overdoses.

Lamont Meyers Foundation offers a range of services, including drug prevention programs, drug recovery treatment, Narcan kits, drug awareness services, and more, in Sacramento, and surrounding areas.