Empowering Sacramento's Youth: Let's Prevent Drug Overdoses Together

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Promoting Awareness and Education On Drug Abuse

We champion awareness and education in our community, with a special focus on fatal drug overdoses. By increasing knowledge and understanding, we help our community to make informed decisions and take action to prevent these tragedies.

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Fostering Compassion and Understanding

Compassion and understanding are the building blocks of a healthier, more connected community. Our foundation actively promotes these values, creating an environment where everyone feels heard, valued, and supported. Our goal is to break down barriers and foster inclusivity and empathy.

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Building Unity and Collaboration

Unity and collaboration are powerful tools for overcoming societal challenges. Our foundation is dedicated to fostering a sense of unity within the community. We encourage individuals and organizations to come together, share resources, and collectively work towards positive change, building a stronger community.

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Download our essential guide, 'Empowering Individuals Against Drugs: 10 Proven Strategies,'

for a comprehensive resource on educating youth against drug abuse. This guide equips parents, educators, and community leaders with actionable strategies to educate and protect individuals of all ages from drug abuse. Get your copy now!

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Lamont Meyers Foundation offers a range of services, including drug prevention programs, drug recovery treatment, Narcan kits, drug awareness services, and more, in Sacramento, and surrounding areas.