By Lamont Meyers


Imagine waking up one day, celebrating your child’s birthday, and the next day never being able to see him again due to fentanyl poisoning. This is the tragic story of Lamont, a young man whose life was cut short by a senseless accident. Lamont’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the dangers of drug misuse and the importance of raising awareness to prevent such tragedies from happening again. Through this foundation, we aim to honor Lamont’s memory and inspire change in our communities.

Early Life and Bright Spirit

Lamont Meyers was born on February 6, 2001, as the second oldest of three siblings. From the moment he entered the world, Lamont brought joy and light to those around him. Growing up in the Rosemont community in Rancho Cordova, Lamont was loved and admired by his peers, teachers, and neighbors. His infectious positivity and genuine care for others made him a beacon in the community.

A Life of Achievements and Compassion

Lamont excelled academically and athletically throughout his education. From his early years in Golden Empire Elementary School to his graduation from Rosemont High School, Lamont demonstrated his intelligence, dedication, and leadership skills. He participated in various extracurricular activities, including the Black Student Union and Student Government, where he served as the vice president. Lamont’s love for his community extended beyond school, as he volunteered his time to help working parents, assisted the elderly, and supported his friends through their struggles.

Impact on Others

Lamont’s kindness and compassion knew no bounds. He touched the lives of those around him, making a lasting impact on their journeys. Lamont’s selflessness was evident in his friendship with a young man he saved from the brink of suicide. Through his genuine concern and connection, Lamont transformed this individual’s life. His friends, who lived in dangerous areas, knew they could count on Lamont for rides and support. He brought people together, resolving conflicts and fostering unity among his peers.

Dreams and Aspirations

Lamont’s dreams and aspirations were not limited to his immediate surroundings. He attended Sacramento City College to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering, aiming to make a difference through his chosen field. Lamont’s ambition was matched by his commitment to his community, as he worked part-time at an after-school program and participated in the Umoja program, which supports Black students in transferring to four-year colleges.

The Tragic Loss and Ongoing Pain

On February 8, 2020, Lamont’s 19th birthday, he unknowingly ingested a pill laced with fentanyl. Mistakenly assuming he was merely tired, his friends drove him home, unaware of the danger he was in. The next day, Lamont was found unresponsive in his car, leaving his family and friends devastated. The pain of losing Lamont continues to linger, and his case remains unsolved, adding to the anguish his loved ones endure every day.

A Legacy of Awareness and Prevention

Lamont’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the dangers of drug misuse and the importance of mental health awareness. Lamont battled internal struggles and sought solace through self-medication, which tragically led to his untimely death. Through this website, we aim to raise awareness about the risks associated with drug misuse, particularly the presence of fentanyl in recreational substances. By sharing Lamont’s story, we hope to prevent further tragedies and save lives.


Lamont’s legacy is one of love, loss, and the urgent need for change. His life reminds us of the importance of fostering a supportive community, raising awareness about mental health, and preventing drug-related deaths. By sharing Lamont’s story, we honor his memory and strive to create a safer world for young people facing similar struggles. Together, we can make a difference and save lives.